Introducing Wake Up Hope: Episode 001 – The Five Powers of Hope

Welcome to episode 1 of our podcast here at Wake Up Hope!  Woodly, Shaun and I have had a great time putting together this podcast and are very excited to serve our audience now and going forward.   This first podcast covers a topic very near and dear to all of our hearts and is really the reason why we are all here – hope.  Specifically Woodly speaks about the five powers of hope and how those powers serve us.

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Why powers of hope?

Hope is a confident expectation of a positive outcome.  That in and of itself is hugely powerful.  Woodly says “Hope is something we have to engage with.  As we engage hope it empowers us.”  It’s fundamentally important that we maintain hope in our lives in order to keep us moving in the right direction.

So what are the five powers?

In the episode we have a conversation regarding the powers and learn that they are:

  1. Hope Drives growth and momentum
  2. Hope is inspirational
  3. Hope shatters shame
  4. Hope is a long term perspective
  5. Hope keeps you in the game

Get off the sidelines!

One of the things we’re most looking forward to with Wake Up Hope is getting involved with our listeners and forming a community.  Tell us what you’re feeling, what is hindering you, tell us what you think about our content, but whatever you do, tell us something!   On a more directed level, we’d love you to answer this set of questions:

  • What is happening in your life today that gives you a sense of hope?
  • If you’re struggling finding hope, what is preventing you from living with a hopeful expectation?
  • What would like to see us offer at Wake Up Hope that could help you drive forward in your life with purpose?

Give us feedback

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Thank you!

Coming from all of us at Wake Up Hope, we thank you for your time and for choosing to make us part of your week.  It is our commitment to do our best to help support you in your journey.  Thank you!


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