Wake Up Hope: Episode 002 – Reframing Frustration (Part 1): – 5 Powerful Questions to move you from Victim to Victor

Thank you for checking us out here at Wakeuphope.com!  In this space you will find the link to episode 002 of our podcast!  Woodly, Shaun and I have had a great time putting together this podcast and are very excited to serve our audience now and going forward.   We’ve all been frustrated, whether it be at work, school, in our personal life… somewhere frustration has reared its ugly head.  This episode talks about frustration and how to re-frame it.

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What do you mean by reframing frustration?

Typically frustration serves to hinder us from reaching our ultimate goals.  Here at Wake Up Hope we want you to have the tools to take that frustration and look at it in a way that can motivate you to move forward in your business ventures and in your life in general.

How do we reframe our frustration?

In this episode we have a conversation regarding frustration and learn that there are five questions we should ask ourselves to help move forward from victim to victor:

  1. How would someone full of hope view this situation?
  2. Am I blaming others for my own lack of activity?
  3. Have I been ignoring the important for the immediate?
  4. Is this revealing some cracks in my foundation?
  5. What would I do if I had no fear?

Get off the sidelines!

One of the things we’re most looking forward to with Wake Up Hope is getting involved with our listeners and forming a community.  Tell us what you’re feeling, what is hindering you, tell us what you think about our content, but whatever you do, tell us something!   On a more directed level, we’d love to hear about your current frustrations in any aspect of your life and how we could better serve you going forward.  Let us know because we’d love to help in any way possible!

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Thank you!

Coming from all of us at Wake Up Hope, we thank you for your time and for choosing to make us part of your week.  It is our commitment to do our best to help support you in your journey.  Thank you!

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