This is the 1st part of a 3 part series using the Impact Engine as a framework towards living courageously.  On today’s episode you’ll hear us discuss developing a courageous mindset to help you think like a warrior.

What are the steps towards developing a courageous mindset?

  1. Make your thoughts obedient
  2. Be mindful of your friends
  3. Plow the ground of your brain
  4. Renew your mind

Get off the sidelines!

One of the things we’re most looking forward to with Wake Up Hope is getting involved with our listeners and forming a community.  Tell us what you’re feeling, what is hindering you, tell us what you think about our content, but whatever you do, tell us something!   Are you having trouble living in courage?  Do you need help developing a courageous mindset?  Let us know and ask us anything, we’d love to assist!

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