What do we do when we are walking through the valleys and dips of life?

“We should never give up on, what matters most.”

Listen in to this episode where Woodly discusses 7 steps to a life of perseverance:

  1. Revisit the reason that you’ve begun the journey. (What is your vision of the glory to come?)
  2. Focus on the moment. We don’t have to do it all but we have to remind ourselves of what is the one next right step. “Your worst effort in action is better than your best effort thinking about something, every-time.” – Ray Edwards
  3. Ask yourself this question: Who would be hurt by my giving up?
  4. Ask yourself this question: What aspect of my character is being strengthened in this season?
  5. List the benefits of victory in reaching your goal and tie that to an emotion.
  6. Build a rhythm of rest in your life.
  7. Draw strength from your courage team. Woodly recommends that we build a courage team through friendship and moments in your history that have been encouraging to you.


We would love to hear what has helped you build a life of perseverance.  Take a moment and add your thoughts to the conversation by leaving a comment below.

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