It seems like going on vacation should be an easy call as if we should intuitively know that it is good to get away, yet I have found that often I wrestle with whether or not it’s the right decision to go.  As leaders and responsible people we can wonder if traveling is the right investment of our time?

In today’s episode Woodly shares 3 reasons why it is good to go away on vacation from his personal experience.  Maybe you need some help in evaluating if going away is the right decision for you.  This episode is designed to help you understand the value in other places.

Woodly’s 3 Reasons are:

  1. It gives you a different perspective on your circumstances.
  2. It gives you an excuse to have guilt free fun.
  3. It refuels you for the mission.

Have you found value in travel?  We’d love to hear your comments and observations in the comments.



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