Have you ever found yourself in a meeting wondering how your team wandered so off track and ended up in a negative place?  One of our listeners (thanks Elizabeth!) found herself there and asked us two questions:

  1.  How do you stay positive when you are surrounded by negative co-workers?
  2. How can you turn a conversation in a meeting with multiple colleagues that is filled with complaining into a positive problem solving conversation?

We love having this kind of dialogue with you guys and were excited to try our hand at helping out.   Check out the podcast and let us know we did!

In Today’s Episode…

We talk about staying positive!  Learn 5 tools from the Wakeuphope.com crew that you can use to stay in a positive lane when it seems like everybody else wants to derail the conversation and make it negative.  So what are those 5 tools?  I’m glad you asked… take a look below:

  1. Remind yourself that you’re powerful
  2. Engage in empathy
  3. Provide perspective
  4. Utilize questions
  5. Know your limits
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Thank you!

Coming from all of us at Wake Up Hope, we thank you for your time and for choosing to make us part of your week.  It is our commitment to do our best to help support you in your journey.  Thank you!

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