When we work with people inevitably we will encounter messy situations.  Times when people have let us down, betrayed confidence, failed, etc… As a leader these can be some of the most challenging times.  These situations and circumstances can side track us from our goals and vision and be very discouraging.  However, they also present a unique opportunity to help others grow and grow ourselves if we can understand how to navigate them correctly.

In my life I have had to walk through some messy situations.  In those times these 4 keys have served me well.

1. Recognize that here will always be stuff.
2. Love people.
3. Listen.
When we express frustration in a messy way it almost always is a mask of a deeper issue that we have in our life.  It may be conflict at home, in-security, financial pressure, etc… When we listen as leaders it allow us to uncover the core issues.
4. Set Your Focus.
Problems require our attention but they do not require all of our focus.
If you are going through a mess I feel your pain.
I would love to hear what you would add to this list.   Would you be willing to comment and share from your experience with us?


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