Every year at work we have to take ergonomics training.  We’ve heard the message before, know that it’s important to take micro breaks and to sit correctly in our chairs, but sometimes I think we take posture for granted.  Posture is important, whether we’re talking the true physical posture discussed in those training sessions or if we’re talking about our posture in relation to how we approach life.  That being said, when I was brainstorming regarding what I might tackle this week on the podcast I kept having one thought – you don’t win in life from a defensive posture.  Have you ever settled into a spot and tried to passively defend your ground?  I’m sure we all have, but I think what we really need to try to do is to attack life with an exuberant optimism.  Life doesn’t reward sitting back – we need to be proactive and enthusiastically so. 

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In Today’s Episode…

We talk about why it’s important to be proactively optimistic in your approach to life.  I actually give you four reasons over the course of the podcast, but I’ll outline them here below to whet your appetite:

  1. It feels good
  2. A defeatist attitude will destroy you
  3. Using a proactive posture generates more results
  4. Helps avoid complacency

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