We’re all born with a great power, a force if you will, within us. That power is in our abilities that make us unique from every other person on the planet. I think sometimes its easy to settle into a state of despair (listen to Woodly’s outstanding episode 018 for more information regarding despair versus hope) and when we’re in that state it’s easy to feel like our abilities can’t impact the world around us. What I wanted to talk about this week was to remind everybody that no matter what is going on in the world, and right now there is a lot going on that has a lot of gravity towards our present and future, that we can make a huge difference if we respect and use the abilities that we have been gifted with.

In Today’s Episode…
We talk about why it’s important to believe in yourself and respect the abilities that make you unique. I actually give you four reasons over the course of the podcast, but I’ll outline them here below to whet your appetite:
1. Nobody can limit what you are capable of besides yourself
2. Nobody else is going to do it for you
3. Everything that has ever been though of and created emerged from one thought
4. Your thoughts and ideas might change the world

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