We had the full crew in studio for this week’s episode and we are all really excited about what we put together for you all.  We love speaking to our audience about encouraging you to use your abilities and providing a framework to best make use of everything you’ve been given, in fact just last week (episode 019) Jan talked about using your skills to successfully make a difference in the world.  This week we talk about how to actually look at your world and how to actually progress through making an action plan to make a difference. 

In Today’s Episode…

We talk through how to look at your current situation (both personal and professional) and will have you asking yourself some questions to determine how to make change happen around you:

  1. Personal

    1. Your health –   Are you able to be a catalyst for change in the state of health you’re currently in?
    2. Audit your entertainment time – Is your balance of productive time vs. tension relief time allowing you to make a difference?
    3. Relational life – Are you in a season of life where your relationships will allow you to focus on the areas you would like to make a change within?
  2. Professional – Where do I have influence?

    1. Community
    2. Workplace
    3. World

In regards to the professional aspect, we pose a few questions that relate to each area in which you are attempting to make an impact:

  1. What am I doing to make an impact in this place?
  2. Does one area require more time and energy than I’m giving it?
  3. Will I be happy a year from now if I don’t give that area more attention?

We encourage all of our listeners to work within the framework of the areas provided and let us know the answers to the questions above.  It is a goal of ours at Wakeuphope.com to help you reach your goals, so let us know where you’re stuck or if we can help or guide you with any of the questions listed above!

Give us feedback

 We love serving this community and want to make sure that we’re providing what you’re looking for from what you’ve come to expect from Wake Up Hope. Please comment below and/or leave a review and rating on iTunes to let us know how we’re doing or contact us via our website at wakeuphope.com.  

Thank you!

Coming from all of us at Wake Up Hope, we thank you for your time and for choosing to make us part of your week.  It is our commitment to do our best to help support you in your journey.  Thank you!

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