Fear can cause us to become paralyzed in situations that we would otherwise have all the strength needed to respond correctly.   I have had some irrational fear in my life that has held me back from being the man whom I would like to be.  When I step outside of myself and look at the situation it seems silly to let such a small thing hold me back yet for many years this has been a piece of my reality.  However recently I have been able to utilize a couple tools in my morning that have been very powerful in enabling me to have a different response.  Fear is not meant to be our master.


In today’s episode I share about this struggle in my life and the tools that I have been using to help me grow.


The first is a daily declaration:


“Today I trust God’s grace is sufficient to give me the strength and courage to respond rightly to every situation that comes before me.”  


The second is a slightly different spin on visualization that you may have not heard before.  You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out more.


Ultimately I share this because I hope that it will give you some courage on your own journey and provide you with some tools that you can use in your own life to overcome any fear that you may be experiencing.


If you have a practice or a tool that has helped you overcome fear in your life I’d love to hear about it.  Please comment and share below and let’s learn together!

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